Learn How to Operate a Casio Pathfinder Watch In 6 Simple Steps

Published: 11th September 2009
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The Casio Pathfinder Watch is perhaps one of the most popular products amongst the Casio product line. The Pathfinder was designed to be thick and durable for people who love the outdoors and want a wrist watch that can handle all the challenges and strains of any outdoor activity. The watch also comes in several varieties including the Sea Pathfinder Underwater watch. In this article we are going to talk about some of the steps a user must take in order to operate this watch correctly.

In order to operate the watch, one must first set the time. Then once this is done, the user can enjoy all the other features a Casio pathfinder digital watch has to offer. Some of these features included in this watch are such things as a barometer and a compass for navigating outdoors. To use all the features on this watch, one must use six buttons... two on the left and two on the right and one on the face beneath the time on the watch.

Lets take a look at some of the steps you'll need to take in order to operate this watch.

1. First off, find the buttons you will have to use to set your watch. For illustration purposes, the top and bottom buttons on the left side will be called A & B. The top and bottom buttons on the right side will be called C & D. Then the button underneath the face will be called E. The remaining button in between C and D is the button for the light as that is its only purpose.

2. So to switch the mode on the watch, hit button B. There are normally five basic modes which are - Stop watch, data recall, alarm and time, and countdown timer. When you see time and date, push button A and watch the face until the numbers after the colon start flashing.

3. When you hit button B you will notice that a different item begins to flash. Whatever item is flashing is what you have the current setup on. If you push D at this time, you will change items, or the daylight saving option. For the rest, use D for up and then C for down. Once you have completed setting up everything, press A.

4. Now that you have setup, you can start to try out some of the sensor modes which are altimeter, barometer and compass. Once in the time mode, hit C, D and E... once you have activated these buttons, your watch will automatically start taking measurements data and give you a reading.

5. Now for the stopwatch. Push button B until your watch goes into the stopwatch mode. It will have numbers on the face with no colon in between them. Press E to start timing and push it again to stop and again to restart if necessary. If you would like to split the timing, press E and then A. What you should look for is the letters "SPL" to appear.

6. When you have finished! Push A again to release.. then E to stop the timer and A again to check your time on your watch. Once you have decided you are finished timing, press button A. This will clear any numbers you have saved during that time. Now press and hold down A while the numbers are at zero to change this display to all seconds or all minutes instead of standard. Hit D to get the setting that you want and then press A to lock it!

These are some of steps you can take to operate your Casio pathfinder watch. I hope you have taken some value out of this... If you would like to check out some Casio pathfinder watches with product spec info and customer feedback, then take a look at some of the links below.

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